Top ski resorts in Switzerland

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Best ski resorts in Switzerland

Ski resorts in Switzerland mean a first-class holiday, excellent provisions for sports activities, magnificent scenery and fresh mountain air. Superb highways will take you from major airports of Zurich, Bern and Geneva to these jewels of the Alps. By renting Mercedes cars with Nomadcar you will turn a simple trip from airport to resort into a continuous holiday.


Ski resort Verbier in Switzerland

Verbier is a Swiss ski resort in the French-speaking canton of Valais. It is located on a sunny terrace near the Grand-Saint-Bernard mountaintop, at an altitude of 1500 meters, between the Mont Blanc and Matterhorn. This well-respected resort competes with the nearby located Courchevel, it often hosts international competitions, and a famous music festival takes place here.

Verbier is called the Mecca of freeriding, yet perfect conditions for other alpine skiing are there as well. The total length of trails - 200 km, there are 48 skilifts. 32% of pistes are easy ones, 42% - intermediate and the remaining 26% are difficult, designed for experienced skiers.

It takes a 2-hour drive by A1 and A9 highways to get to Verbier ski resort from Geneva airport. A trip from Bern by A12 and A9 highways will be even shorter - 158 km, which is about 1 hour 50 minutes. On both routes there are toll route areas. The longest travel would be from Zurich, via the A1 and A9 through Bern, it will take at least three hours.

Ski resort Verbier official website


Ski resort Nendaz in Switzerland

Nendaz is an attractive family ski resort near the town of Sion in canton of Valais. It counts its history from a beautiful Valais village, and is presently famous for its picturesque nature and wonderful service. The resort has earned the prestigious Families Welcome reward, which is awarded for best conditions for families with children.

Nendaz has a lot of short slopes, excellent for one’s first steps in skiing. There are 3 specialized ski schools at the resort and a snowboard one. Pistes are equipped with 46 skilifts (including 34 draglifts), 4 of which are open in summer. Total length of trails - 223 km: 123 km – are the "red" slopes of medium difficulty, 77 km - easy “blue” and 9 km belong to the "black" trails class.

It is very simple to get to the ski resort of Nendaz, it being just 2 km from a large (by Swiss standards) city of Sion. From Geneva Airport it’s 166 km or 2 hours by highways A1 and A9. It would be about the same trip from Bern - routes A12 and A9. A longer road is from Zurich: via A1 and A12, and it will take more than 3 hours.

Ski resort Nendaz official website


Ski resort Davos in Switzerland

Davos is one of the best alpine resorts in the world. It is located at an altitude of 1560 m and geographically divides into two parts - the western Davos Platz and eastern Davos Doft. The quality of pistes and accommodation options are on the highest level possible in Davos. The city has many marvelous museums, concert halls and theaters.

Davos is well-known as "the capital of Swiss snowboard": as many as 6 fun parks are opened at once. Two of them are equipped on the slopes of Jakobshorn, the so-called Fun Mountain. There are two half-pipes, jumps, tables and other freestyle fans’ games. In addition, in Davos there are all imaginable conditions for practicing traditional skiing. Number of pistes - 99, with total length of almost 320 kilometers. Some trails are 10 km long!

Davos is connected with Zurich by excellent highways: A3to the town of Landquart, and then route 28 to the resort. The entire trip will not take more than two hours. A car travel from Geneva will not be very convenient (it’s about 5 hours). From Bern one should take A1 and A3, and it will be more than 3 hours. In both cases you have to get to Zurich first.

Ski resort Davos official website

St. Moritz

Ski resort St. Moritz in Switzerland

St. Moritz (St. Moritz) is considered one of the most famous and aristocratic resorts in the world. It is located in the valley of the Engadin and boasts 322 sunny days a year. This luxury ski resort consists of two parts: St. Moritz Dorf, 1822) and St. Moritz-Bad (St. Moritz Bad, 1772). Both parts are located on the shores of beautiful Lake Moritzersee.

The skiing area is divided into three sectors: Corviglia, 2488 m, Corvatsh, 3451 m and Diavolezza, 2973 m. Each sector has areas for skiers of medium and high level, as well as for beginners. Professionals and thrill fans will appreciate virgin slopes. Also there are fan parks open in St. Moritz and obstacle half-pipes.

St. Moritz can be reached via highway A3 from Zurich - this road with fantastic sites crosses almost the entire canton of Graubünden. Travel time is about 3 hours. The way from Bern to St. Moritz includes Zurich, so that the road will take a little more time - about 3.5 hours. To get to the resort by car from Geneva is even longer.

Ski resort St.Moritz official website


Ski resort Crans-Montana in Switzerland

The Swiss ski resort of Crans-Montana enjoys a worldwide fame. It hosts major international congresses and prestigious sporting events. The resort consists of two villages - Crans and Montana. They are both located in the valley of the Rhône river, a mile from each other. In the closest vicinity to numerous skilifts is one of the best mountain hotels in the world – 4-star Crans Ambassador.

Crans-Montana is 160 kilometers of high-quality tracks that are annually awarded the honor of the FIS World Cup. The resort is best suited for mid-level skiers: slopes are wide and not too complicated. Those who are confident, will be interested in a down-run from La Tza to Plumachit, and also there are trails in Bell Bella Lui, 2543 m and La Toula known for serious humps. Recently a wonderful fun park of 25 000 square meters was constructed.

Crans Montana is easily accessible by road A1 and then A9 from Geneva. The route will run along Lake Geneva and the Rhône Valley. Breathtaking sites are all along the way. The travel time, taking into account possible traffic jams, will not be more than two and a half hours. The same amount of time will take a trip from the airport in Bern by A12 and A9.

Ski resort Crans-Montana official website


Ski resort Wengen in Switzerland

Wengen (Wengen) is considered one of the most famous ski resorts in Switzerland, because each January the famous stages of World Cup slalom and downhill are held on Lauberhorn mountain. Located at an altitude of 1274 m, Wengen is famous for its cleanest mountain air. The small resort town accepts guests in several comfortable hotels, among which there are both luxury hotels and small but very cozy board houses.

The total length of trails in Wengen is 110 km, 8 "blue", 17 "red" and 5 "black". The difference in height is as big as 1,100 meters. Recently, Wengen became well-known as a center for summer recreation as well. There are many paved walking and cycling routes. Under the guidance of experienced instructors from the Wengen Climbing Centre you can climb the mountains, or take a ride on horseback or in a carriage.

By A8 highway with a little over two hours' drive you will get from Zurich to Wengen without problems. Along the way you will welcome such wonderful cities like Lucerne and Zug. From Bern the trip will be even shorter: by highway A6 Wengen can be reached in less than one hour.

Ski resort Wengen official website


Ski resort Engelberg in Switzerland

Engelberg (from Engelberger, «Mountain of Angels") is one of the oldest ski resorts in Switzerland. It owes its name to an active Benedictine abbey. Engelberg is located in the center of the country, just 35 km from Lucerne and 90 km from Zurich. Here you will find excellent conditions for both beginners and more experienced skiers. Recently Engelberg became loved by snowboarders as well. The resort is relatively small, but it is extremely rich in comfortable hotels, there are 33 different apartments and guest chalets.

The ski resort of Engelberg has two skiing areas. Brunni, 1860 m, is for beginners and family skiing with height difference of more than a kilometer, five chairlifts and 12 km of tracks including 5 km "red" and 7 km "blue". While Gershnialp-Trubsee where there are 21 lifts and 73 km of trail has a clear predominance of more complex pistes. Snowboarders will like Terrain Park with halfpipes, big-airs and a quarter-pipe, as well as the fun park on Shtand mountain slope.

Getting to the ski resort Enegelberg is most convenient from Zurich by A4 highway. You will spend only 1 hour and 10 minutes, but within this time you will have a wonderful ride along several alpine lakes, across the beautiful Lucerne and through an outstanding system of tunnels to get to the resort without any problem.

Ski resort Engelberg official website


Ski resort Flims-Laax-Falera in Switzerland

The ski resorts of Flims-Laax-Falera are usually mentioned as a single resort. This extremely popular Swiss ski area has gained international fame just recently. Plenty of chairlifts, magnificent scenery, 235 km of pistes, great snow parks - skiing lovers will surely appreciate the place.

The ski area is at an altitude of 1100 to 3018 m Total length of the route - 235 km: 40% "blue", 45% "red", 15% "black". In addition, the resort has more than 40 km of marked off-piste trails. 30 chairlifts are at your disposal: 7 gondolas, 4 cabins, 8 chairlifts, 8 draglifts. The region is especially appreciated by snowboarders and freeriders for the abundance of snow.

To get to the ski resorts of Flims-Laax-Falera it’s easiest from Zurich via A3 to Laax city first, which can be considered the center of the resort area. It will take a little more than an hour and a half. The route from Bern or Geneva will include Zurich and will require more time.

Ski resort Flims official website

Ski resort Laax official website

Arosa - Lenzerheide

Ski resort Arosa in Switzerland

Arosa-Lenzerheide has recently become a united ski resort, very popular in Switzerland among beginners and families with children. The resort is very comfortable and is surrounded by stunning scenery. There are options for a relatively inexpensive accommodation. Arosa - Lenzerheide is renowned for excellent service and lots of fun activities.

In 2013, the two resorts joined their pistes with skilifts, thanks to which 225 km of trails became available. Most of them are intended for not very experienced skiers and beginners. However, Lenzerheide often hosts the finals of the World Cup. The most difficult slope of the resort is the famous Silvano Beltrametti route 2.45 km long with the maximum gradient of 65%.

Arosa-Lenzerheide can be convenient reached from Zurich by a most beautiful highway A3. Travel time is 1 hour 40 minutes. Immediately after Chur, the capital of the canton of Graubünden, it is but a 5 km drive to Lenzerheide. To get to the resort from Geneva and Bern one has to pass through Zurich.

Ski resort Arosa - Lenzerheide official website


Ski resort Andermatt in Switzerland

Andermatt is one of the snowiest ski resorts in the Alps. It is now undergoing a major reconstruction. But this does not mean that the resort has become a construction site. The works are carried out quietly, while Andermatt is becoming more comfortable and up-to-date. In late 2013 a luxury hotel Chredi-Andermatt was opened.

Andermatt is recommended to intermediate and confident skiers. The height of skiing is from 1444 up to 2970 meters. This ski resort is also famous for its record-breaking snow amount and therefore is considered one of Europe's best for freeriders. In the nearest future international competitions are planned here.

Andermatt can be reached comfortably by highway A4 from Zurich in just half an hour. The journey from Bern takes a little more time - 2 hours 10 minutes: it will be necessary to take A1 and A2. It is even longer to get to Andermatt from the Swiss capital, the route will be through A8 and A2 (2 hours 25 minutes), but the path will pass through such Swiss jewels like Thun, Spiez and good old Interlaken.

Ski resort Andermatt official website


Ski resort Zermatt in Switzerland

Zermatt is considered to be one of the most luxurious and beautiful ski resorts in Switzerland. Matternhorn mountain is located next to it, invariably drawing everyone’s attention. The territory of the resort is a long stretch of land, but this does not make any vacation complicated. Zermatt is recommended to intermediate and confident skiers, snowboarders, enthusiast freeriders, as well as to those who are not indifferent to mountain restaurants, shopping and romantic settings. Zermatt is also famous for its good weather - the snow and the sun is guaranteed.

Length of pistes - 360 km. All kinds of trails are there -"red," blue "and" black ". 61 lifts (20 cabins, 22 chair lifts, 14 ski lifts) are at the guests’ disposal. The height of skiing is even more impressive - from 1620 to 3899 meters. Freeriders will enjoy down runs with Hohtalli and Shtokhorna. Snowboarders are sure to appreciate a snow park and half-pipe in Blauherd and Rotenboden, as well as the half-pipe, and boarder-cross on Teodulpass.

It's best to get to Zermatt via highway A6 from Bern. Travel time should not exceed two and a half hours. A little more than that would take a trip by A9 from Geneva - 2 hours 45 minutes. In both cases, fascinating scenery is guaranteed.

Ski resort Zermatt official website


Ski resort Saas-Fee in Switzerland

Small Swiss ski resort of Saas-Fee (Saas-Fee) has a lot of universally recognized advantages: guaranteed snow all year round, various terrain types and pistes, cleanest air, beautiful restaurant on top of Allalin and stunning views. Also, the resort is famous for its location in the "bowl" of four-thousanders. Car traffic in Saas-Fee is forbidden, so visitors leave their cars at the entrance in a huge underground parking.

This ski resort is particularly suitable for confident skiers. However, newcomers will not be left without fun - there is a comfortable plateau for lessons under supervision of an experienced instructor. There are not so many pistes here, with total length of 100 kilometers serviced by 22 skilifts. Even not very experienced skier may explore all the slopes of Saas-Fee in a day or two.

Saas-Fee is accessible from Geneva via A9 highway in 2 hours 45 minutes. The trip from Bern takes less time - 2 hours 30 minutes by A6. Another option is from Milan, but in this case the trip by E62 will take more than 3 hours, and the length of the route exceeds 226 km. And finally, from Zurich to Saas-Fee it is best to get by A4 - travel time is a little more than 3 hours 30 minutes.

Ski resort Saas-Fee official website


Ski resort Grindelwald in Switzerland

Grindelwald is one of the most exclusive ski resorts in Switzerland, along with Zermatt, St. Moritz and Davos. It is rightly included in the Best of the Alps elite club. The resort is particularly suitable for families with children: here they will find vast opportunities for beginners and for those who cannot ride at all: cozy hotels with spa and plenty of activities and entertainment for all tastes. Grindelwald is famous for its variety of restaurants and cultural events.

This ski resort is especially appreciated by sledge fans: around Grindelwald there are extensive and scenic toboggan runs of varying difficulty. Grindelwald Ski Area is located on both sides of the valley and offers mainly "blue" and "red" pistes. Professionals will most likely find it boring here. Pretty good conditions are offered to snowboarders and freeriders.

The quickest way to Grindelwald from Zurich lies on highway A8 - 137 km, which is about 2-hour drive. But it is much faster to reach the resort from Berne via highway A6 - a little more than 1 hour is needed to cover the 74.3 km distance. If the starting point is Geneva, you will first have to get to Bern and from there go to Grindelwald via A6.

Ski resort Grindelwald official website


Ski resort Leukerbad in Switzerland

This small Swiss ski resort is well suited for skiers of any level, families with children and for those who want to combine skiing and relaxing in hot springs. Leukerbad is famous healing waters on its territory, namely Leukerbad Therme thermal spa complex. In Leukerbad, you can recuperate solidly in a very short period of time - excellent specialists work here who help professionally with a whole list of illnesses.

Ski Resort Leukerbad is a total of just 51 km of pistes. However, the small amount does not mean poor quality. Trails have different levels of difficulty and a good height difference. There are all conditions for both experienced skiers and beginners. Maybe, it’s just the freeriders who are on the sidelines, but snowboarders will definitely find a place to spend their time.

From Geneva to Leukerbad it is a 2 hour and 15 minutes drive by A1 and A9. The path is very picturesque; it runs along the shore of Lake Geneva and the Rhone Valley. The same time takes the path from Berne to Leukerbad, about 2 hours and 15 minutes via A12 and A9. To get to the resort from Zurich one would first have to get to Bern.

Ski resort Leukerbad official website


Ski resort Murren in Switzerland

This Swiss ski resort is recommended to medium and confident skiers, freeriders, and families with children – but also photographers, since magnificent views are found here in abundance. Murren is located close to Grindelwald and Wengen, and considered a classic ski resort in Switzerland, where excellent conditions for skiing are combined with comfortable accommodation, excellent restaurants and beautiful scenery.

Length of trails in Mürren is relatively small, just 53 km. Of these, 11 km are "black", 31 km "red" and 11 km "blue". There are 2 training pistes. Murren hosted the legendary Arlberg-Kandahar Race for many years, a combination of downhill and slalom. Since 1928, the race in Mürren has been holding Inferno Race - alpine ski down-run from the top of Mount Schilthorn.

The quickest route to Mürren from Zurich is via highway A8, which is 128 km in less than two hours of driving. It is much faster to drive from Berne, the 66 km path will be by highway A6 and take about 1 hour. There are toll routes on the way. The road runs through Thun, Interlaken and Schwyz. The path from Geneva is not very convenient and fast: one has to get to Bern first, and there will be the total of 226 km to cover.

Ski resort Murren official website

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We deliver your car to any of the 50 cities in Europe, if you let us know your flight number, our representative will meet you at arrival and take you to the car
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