About us

Nomadcar Service

The Swiss online car rental service Nomadcar targets travelers, eager to value their time and comfort. The main concept of the service is about booking a car fast, easy and with minimum proceedings – just a few documents to produce, no queuing, no waiting.

It will take you just 3 minutes to book a car from Nomadcar. You pick a car you like at the website or via mobile app, fill in your personal details, and pay online with a credit card. The booked car is waiting for you at the point of your arrival in the town of Europe and at the precise time you specify while booking.

We guarantee our customers that they will get the very car they have chosen by its photo, description or features specified in Nomadcar online catalogue.

We offer our service in 50 areas of Europe, where our valets deliver your rented car at a train station or to an airport.

Nomadcar fleet has only brand new Mercedes cars with modern AMG Line package, worldwide famous as a set example of quality, safety and driving comfort.

Nomadcar offers its customers not only short-term, but also long-term rental service, that will save them up to 50%.

We provide rental service both at B2B and B2C markets. The project keeps developing commission based partner programs for tourist companies, hotels, flight booking offices and concierge-services. Apart from that, we eagerly cooperate with Swiss rental companies for our customers’ convenience.

Get your rented car fast, easy and with maximum comfort

3 minutes
to book

To book a car fill in your personal details (upload a photo or your passport and driver’s license), accept the terms of the rental agreement and pay online

3 minutes
to collect the car

Our valet meets you at a chosen place and passes you the keys – no queueing or waiting

Everything you need
is already in your car

Free Wi-Fi and GPS, car interface in your language, a booklet with traffic rules