Here are answers to most common questions about Nomadcar service.
If you can’t find an answer to your question or you need immediate assistance contact us.

Booking and payment

How do I know I've booked a car?

After the payment you’ll see the order in your personal account, receive an SMS message and e-mail notification.

While booking, I enter the bank card info. When will the card be charged?

When you book car, the full cost for all days of car rent will be deducted off your card.

If you have chosen the “Franchise” option, a security deposit will also be deducted off your card. Then, if the car gets stolen or damaged, you will not be accountable for more than the sum of the deposit. After the rent period the deposit will be returned to your card if the contract conditions are met.

What bank cards do you accept?

We accept all Visa and MasterCard cards (debit or credit).

Should the card belong to the driver or renter?

To pick up your car you must show to the representative your bank card you used to pay for your order together with the driver's license and your passport or ID. Otherwise, we reserve the right to refuse to give you a car.

Is it safe to leave my bank card data on your website?

Full safety of data transfer is guaranteed by the most advanced encryption protocol TLS certified by Thawte. Thawte is a world-renowned leader in certifying encryption protocols that are used by different websites to protect their users’ data.

We also support 3-D Secure protocols, used by Visa and MasterCard in order to ensure additional payment security. Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode protocols are used to provide additional security of bank card info during online payments.

Can I change my order after I pay for it?

Yes, you can make any changes in your personal account.

You can change the date of your car rent, choose another car or add extra services or options. In this case the cost of the rent will be recalculated, and the difference will be deducted from your card.

If you change your order less than 5 days before the rent start date, or during the rent period, the following applies: - If the recalculated rent cost is less than the original one, no refunds are made; - If the recalculated rent cost is more than the original one, the difference will be deducted from your card.

How can I cancel the order, will I have to pay a fine for the cancellation?

You can cancel the order in your personal account.

If you cancel your order more than 5 days before the rent start, the full rent cost is refunded minus the cost of banking transactions.

If you cancel your order less than 5 days before the rent start, you will still be charged the full cost of first day of car rent. The cost of extra services and options is fully refunded. If you have been charged the security deposit under Franchise option, it will be fully refunded as well.

For how long the amount of the franchise stay on "hold", and how long does it take to return this money?

The mentioned amount is placed on hold for the duration of the rental period. Nomadcar returns the money within 3 days after the car has been returned.
Please note that the time of actual crediting of all the amounts refunded by us to your bank account shall be subject to rules of the card issuer.

What is the minimum age to rent a car?

The minimum age for renting a car is 18 years; for E-class, E-class T-Modell, V-Class, S-class Cars — 21 years.

Car pick-up

Is it true that picking up a car with your service takes no more than 3 minutes?

Yes. In order to get a car you’ll need to show your passport and driving license. This hardly takes more than three minutes. You don't need to sign any additional documents.

How do I find you in the airport?

Our representative will meet you at the arrival area (if you indicated your flight number while placing the order) and get you to your car. Also, you can call us upon arrival or chat with us via your personal account and we'll meet you.

What should I do, if I am being late for the pick-up time?

If you are being late for the pick-up, please, inform us. If you have not contacted us, nor we could contact you via phone, chat or e-mail, the order is automatically cancelled 8 hours after the appointed pick-up time.

Do I get my car with a full tank?

Yes. Any car you get will come with a full tank.

What time can I pick up and return cars?

Our working hours are from 08:00 till 23:00 every day.

Do I need to inspect my car during pick-up?

Yes, despite the fact that all our cars are under 3 years and are delivered after a complex car wash both inside and outside, we recommend to inspect it and inform the representative if you discover any drawbacks, if there are any: scratches, scuffs or garbage inside the car. The representative will note it in your personal account for us to avoid any misunderstanding after your retal period ends.

Can I add another driver to my order?

Yes. You’ll need to provide that driver's passport and driving license. You can fill in their information in your personal account or ask the representative to do so.

Can I order some additional services on the spot?

Yes, you may add services in your personal account.
If you order a roof box or a ski rack, the installation will require some time.

During rental period

In which countries can I use the car?

Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands. Shall the Car be used outside the Permitted Countries we reserve the right to have the Car searched by the police.

Can I extend the rental period while already using the car?

Yes, you can extend the rental period in your personal account, if the car is available for the desired dates. If the car is occupied, you are welcome to return it and take another one. Additionally, you can order another car to be delivered to you as replacement for a current one. Our representatives will meet you and exchange the vehicles.

What happens if I break traffic rules on a rental car?

In case of the traffic rules violation the police requests the driver's information we have. We are obliged to provide this information by law.

How do I know, if I have broken traffic rules? How do I receive the fine?

If the fine arrives before the car return, we will notify you in your personal account indicating the violation and the amount of the fine. The latter will be withdrawn from your bank card.

If the fine arrives after the car return, we will notify you in your personal account indicating the violation and the ammount of the fine. For your convenience, we will pay the fine by withdrawing the respective amount from your card.

If the funds on your bank card are not sufficient to pay the fine, we will send your name and address to the police and you will receive the fine by post. You will need to pay it by one of the means indicated in the notification.

What to do if my rental car breaks down?

Nomadcar provides support. In case of an accident or the car breaking down you need to call us or contact us via the chat.

Car return

Can I return the car when the fuel tank is not full?

Yes, you may return the car as it is. We will refuel it at the market price and send the bill to your personal account. Your bank card will be charged the amount for refueling,

What else can cause withholding any amounts from the "held" money?

We may withhold some money from the "held" amount if the car is returned overdue, damaged or with less-than-full tank.

Mileage limit: 250 km per day / 3000 km per month. Each km above the limit is charged CHF 1.

What if the car is returned overdue?

If you return your car before the end of your rent period, the cost for the unused days will not be refunded. If you are more than 60 minutes late with returning your car, you will be charged for an extra full day of rent.


Is it true that GPS is free of charge?

Yes. Every car is equipped with free GPS.